Before & After Waxing & Threading

Before your waxing or threading treatment:

  • Please ensure the area to be waxed or threaded is clean and makeup free.
  • If you are waxing for a special event, make sure your waxing appointment is at least 2 days in advance, giving time for any possible redness to go down and for any remaining wax to be removed.
  • Leg & bikini waxing – the waxed area can be sensitive after waxing so make sure to wear a skirt or loose trousers, as tight clothing could irritate or pull on the skin.
  • Bikini waxing – although every care is taken to avoid this, be aware that there is a possibility of the wax getting on your underwear during a bikini wax appointment. Make sure you’re not wearing your special occasion pants!
  • Ladies – be aware that waxing, particularly bikini waxing, can sometimes be more painful if you are menstruating.
  • Eyebrow re-shape – it is advised that you avoid any type of eyebrow hair removal for at least a month prior to your appointment in order to give the hairs time to grow back in. This will give us a better idea of your natural brow shape and also provide a larger area to work with, which will help ensure you get the eyebrow shape that you want.Tip: Use castor oil on your eyebrows at night to help speed up the hair growth and help keep your eyebrows looking fuller.


After your waxing or threading treatment:

To avoid skin irritaion and discomfort, for at least 24 hours after your treatment:

  • Make sure to keep the area clean and avoid heat and friction, as this can aggravate the skin while the pores are still open and cause irritation. It also leaves you more at risk of getting an infection.
  • Wash with warm water only – avoid hot baths or showers.
  • Avoid sporting activities, the gym, and swimming in chlorinated pools.
  • Avoid sun beds, fake tan, sun bathing, steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs, massages, or heat treatments.
  • Avoid touching the waxed area excessively.
  • Refrain from sexual activity after a bikini wax.
  • Avoid applying deodorant after underarm waxing.
  • Avoid perfumed products on the waxed area.
  • Avoid applying make-up to the area after facial waxing or threading.

It is advised that you exfoliate and moisturise regularly as this will help prevent in-growing hairs and dry skin, and keep your skin feeling soft and smooth. However, 2 – 3 days must pass after the treatment before beginning this routine as the area will still be extremely sensitive.

The effects of waxing and threading can last up to 4 weeks, and, for many people, regular waxing and threading should result in the hair growing back slower and finer.

To maintain your smooth, hair-free skin, make sure to return to your beauty therapist on a regular basis.